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Peekskill Presbyterian Church

Marriage is a gift that God has given to all humankind . . . a covenant through which a man and a woman offer vows before God to live out together their lives of discipleship. *
At the Peekskill Presbyterian Church weddings are occasions of both joy and reverence.  We celebrate the gifts of love and happiness that a bride and groom have found in each other, and we honor the deep commitment they have made to live out their vows under the grace of God.  We are delighted that you are considering beginning your Christian marriage here in God’s church.

Church capacity:  300 

Rooms Available for Dressing & Pre-Wedding Preparation

Use of Church Organist Possible

Deposit Required 

For more information or for a current fee schedule for non-members, contact the Church office at: 914-737-3322 or  office@peekskillpresby.org

We want your marriage to be successful.  That is why, as part of the preparation for your wedding, the Pastor of the Peekskill Presbyterian Church will organize a series of appointments with you to discuss the privileges and responsibilities of a Christian marriage.  These discussions will include the vows and commitments that you will make, the relationship of these commitments to your lives of discipleship, the legal requirements of New York State, and the form and nature of the marriage service itself.  These meetings lay a foundation for including God in your married life.  They help ensure appropriate levels of understanding, commitment, and maturity in the participants before a marriage is undertaken, and they are essential before our Pastor can responsibly perform or permit a wedding service to take place here.

We also want your wedding to be as lovely as you’ve always dreamed.  Our Pastor and music director will readily work with you to make that happen.  Flowers and adornments are part of many wedding ceremonies, and they are welcome here so long as nothing is planned that will cause any damage to church property or reduce the dignity or sacramental nature of the service.  

Music at any worship service, including weddings, is an offering to God.  Therefore, we ask you to understand that secular song lyrics, no matter how beautiful or filled with sentiments of love, are not appropriate.  If you wish, our music director can assist you in choosing music that is both beautiful and right for such a sacred occasion.  Arrangements may be made through the church office to employ the services of our organist.  If you want to include other musicians please be aware that, in order to avoid damage, use of the Church organ must be limited to professional organists whose qualifications are acknowledged and approved by the Church in advance.

The Pastor of the Peekskill Presbyterian Church is charged with responsibility for all worship services, including weddings, which take place here.  In order to fulfill that responsibility, our Pastor must be present and will exercise final authority over all aspects of the wedding service.  This authority likewise extends over the participation and actions of any guest clergy.  Similarly, you should know that because it is a service of worship, paid wedding consultants or coordinators can have no role in determining the features of the wedding service.  That role is reserved to the Pastor.  Dignity that reflects marriage both as a gift from God and as an expression of a Christian life will be expected of all participants.

Our sanctuary can accommodate 300 seated guests.  There are rooms near or adjoining the sanctuary that can be made available for dressing and other pre-wedding preparations.  A non-refundable deposit will be required in order to reserve the church.  For more information or for a current fee schedule for non-members of the Church, contact the Church office at 914-737-3322 or by email at office@peekskillpresby.org.

We wish you every joy and God’s blessing as you plan this wonderful day and prepare for your new life together.
*excerpted from the Book of Order of Presbyterian Church (USA)